The Why of Blogging

The Why of Blogging

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As an angsty teenager, I filled journal upon journal with my thoughts, feelings, and dreams. In these journals were words that I didn’t want to share. For me, blogging is like this except you actually share… publicly. Maybe, you self-censor a little more than that journal. However, you end up sharing stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. These are times that I write in my authentically unique voice. This is the way that I like to write.

Here’s why sharing doesn’t feel scary:

  1. Debunk social media myth. Social media tends to perpetuate this myth that everyone lives in a magical world of rainbows and kick-ass vacations. People don’t typically share the hard stuff, the real life stuff. I believe in the power of sharing real life stuff.
  2. Personal insights and clarity. At 41, I’m still both getting to know myself and learning to accept what I find. Also, I sometimes struggle with having a melange of thoughts of feelings swirling around in my head. Writing helps me find clarity in situations like this.
  3. Accountability. Operation Becky 2.0 requires accountability. Accountability keeps me from straying too far from the paths that I’ve shared. Who doesn’t want to become a better version of themselves?
  4. Finding your tribe of like-minded souls. Sharing your vulnerabilities lets people know that they aren’t alone in their struggles, hopes, and fears. Connecting with others inspired my Grace Hopper Celebration (now rejected) submission. Blogging also encourages others to share their stories… in turn further working towards debunking social media.
  5. Personal Branding. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a kid. I’d love to have a job that requires writing. Blogging shows my #extracreditkid aspirations and dedication to the writing craft.

When I feel an unease before hitting publish,  my “why” provides any needed extra courage boost. My “why” also acts as a litmus test for whether I have a post worthy of being published. While my “why” varies from post to post, the above list sums up my primary blogging motivators. What inspires you?

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