TFDx and SFD14 Delegate Thoughts: Pre-Attendance

In the past year, I’ve made a concerted effort to go outside of my comfort zone.  When the opportunity to attend both Commvault Go Tech Field Day Exclusive and Storage Field Day in the same week came up, I leapt for it.

This event will be both my first Storage Field Day and also my first Commvault Go conference.   Because I’m also pretty introverted, spending the days with people that I don’t know well (yet)  and not fully knowing what to expect incites low-level anxiety for me.  This low-level anxiety serves as a pretty good indicator that I’m following my own “comfort zone departure” directive. 

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017

Commvault Go is the first conference that I’m attending post-NetApp Insight and its association for me to the Mandalay Bay shooting.  I’m really happy for the opportunity to put all of that behind, move past my fear, and summon those same happy feelings that I had at VMworld.  Like any good geek, I love a good tech conference.  Commvault Go looks to be that.   

Storage Field Day  14

After attending Commvault Go on Monday and Tuesday, a group of TFD delegates flies from BWI to San Francisco.  In nearby San Jose,  we meet up with the rest of the SFD delegates for the start of Storage Field Day 14.  Dell EMC, Scality, and E8 Storage will present over the next three days.   

While all of the vendors’ presentations look interesting, I’m interested in Dell EMC.  Like two of other SFD14 delegates, I’m a proud member of the NetApp A-Team. 

Because I pride myself on being open-minded, I’m looking forward to seeing what EMC has to offer and how it compares to NetApp’s current storage offerings.  In the traditional storage market, EMC is probably one of NetApp’s biggest competitors. 

I’ve also briefly scoped out E8 Storage and Scality, whose presentations should touch on hot storage topics like Object Storage and NVMe.  These are always topics that I enjoy. 

Again, I’m grateful to Stephen Foskett and Gestalt IT for the opportunity to serve as both a Tech Field Day Exclusive Delegate and Storage Field Day delegate next week.  I’m also really looking forward to meeting the incredible group of delegates that GestaltIT has assembled.    After next week, I’ll have another item that I can cross off of my Geek Girl Dreams Bucket List.