99 Problems… But Too Many Podcasts Ain’t One

I love podcasts!  In the seven months that I’ve made the long trek into Washington, D.C. for work, I’ve pretty much become a podcast junkie.  I’m unable to commit to just a few and always on the prowl for more.

Being able to listen to entire podcasts is the silver lining to my commute.   It allows me to feel like I’m on the path to making progress in next-level Becky.  I’m a huge believer in the importance of consuming lots of diverse content.

So, how could a self-professed podcast junkie pick a favorite?  Easy, what podcasts did I listen to first when I came off of my 3-week podcast hiatus.

Here are the podcasts that I went for first.  It’s safe to assume that these are my current favorite three.

  1. James Altucher.One-on-one interview format.  James, a former financial advisor turned web designer turned author turned aspiring comedian, brings such a unique and thought-provoking perspective to his conversations with guests.
  2. Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson.  One-on-one interview format. Whitney, an author herself who has written about disruption. She interviews people that have challenged assumptions, taken risks, and changed their life’s trajectory.  Frequently, interviews include other authors.
  3. Nerd Journey.  Panel with occasional panel interviews.   Nick Forte and John White, both SEs at VMware talk about “career progression” and provide practical career advice on topics like “questions to ask during an interview” and “how to have effective 1-on-1 meetings with your boss”.

Why would a podcast junkie take a 3-week hiatus from podcast listening?  I was enraptured in listening to Robert Greene’s “Laws of Human Nature,” a 26-hour Audible listen.  I didn’t have to go through podcast withdrawal because it felt like I was listening to a long-form podcast that covered all of the topics that interest me like psychology, self-improvement, and the essence of being human.

And like in true podcast junkie,  I have a slew of other podcasts to which I enjoy listening to regularly.   Here’s my list

GeneralHidden BrainNon-fiction StorytellingTypical NPR goodness
GeneralFreakonomicsNon-fiction StorytellingDivergent perspectives on social issues.
GeneralWTF with Marc MaronOne-on-One interviewMark typically interviews a-listers and asks really deep and personal questions.
GeneralThriving in Tech (TinT)Panel interviewDiversity, inclusion, and women-in-tech slanted podcast from some of my favorite Social Media peeps at NetApp.
Leveling UpKevin RoseOne-on-One Interview
Leveling UpTech Village PodcastOne-on-One InterviewGeek Whisperer’s 2.0. Yadin, Lauren, and Matt interview tech peeps about their career.


Leveling Up Jordan HarbingerOne-on-One InterviewFormerly Jordan hosted Art of Charm. Jordan does one-on-one interview with authors and other thought leaders.
Leveling UpWhat Does This All Mean?One-on-One InterviewDeep thoughts from Mike Posner.
TechTechONTAPOne-on-One InterviewNetApp-focus.
TechStringy InterviewsOne-on-One Interview
TechPacket Pushers DatanautsPanel Interview
TechGC On-DemandOne-on-One InterviewEric Wright (DiscoPosse)'s tech community focus.
TechGeek WhisperersPanel InterviewGround breaking career advice, leveling-up panel interview podcast. No new episodes.
TechVirtually SpeakingPanel InterviewVMware-focus.

Now that I’ve shared my list of podcasts with you, what are a few of your favorite podcasts? What’s on your podcast list?