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A WordPress Tale: Burnt to Ashes

Even in my sleep-deprived state, a “must fix website” directive played on a loop inside my head.  Two days earlier, I decided that NOW was the time to fix a two-week-old error that prevented my site’s WordPress Admin site from managing plugins or customizing the themes. The problem was irksome, but not a total show stopper.


These issues were a side effect of a previously failed WordPress update.  Google said a manual upgrade of WordPress would fix the problem, but I didn’t have the proper file permissions. GoDaddy Tech Support could help with this.  At midnight. On a weeknight.

Five minutes after hanging up with support, my entire site was down. Ugh. Another GoDaddy support call or go full steam ahead?

Tomfoolery wins!

Sometimes Quitters Win

It was too late to stop. The shitty sysadmin within me had emerged.  Optimistic to a fault, I sometimes stay on the job long after I should have quit. Persistence NEVER pays off in these situations, and poorly thought out plans create chaos and more work. I forgot about this side of me until it was 0400 AM and my site was still down.

This shitty part of me burned my website down so that it could be rebuilt.  Somewhere else I said goodbye to GoDaddy after 11 years. I’m grateful for the push to check off “moving off of Go Daddy” from my todo list.

Tune in for the steps that I took to rebuild my WordPress site.