Sabbatical Month 0: Where Joy Awaits

Anyone else quit their job right before VMworld and then self-fund most of the trip from savings? Probably only me, right?

I also ignored the advice where you were supposed to have a new job before leaving your old one. I know It all sounds crazy. I wish that I could say that all of this is such a Becky-thing to do, but it’s not.

So, why am I stepping away from a six-figure salary?

  • Continuing down the wrong path feels like a bigger risk than a period of unemployment.
  • Writing and community bring me joy and I need more space for activities like this. Thankfully, my husband @douglas_testerman supports me in this decision.
  • Energy-wise, my job and commute were unsustainable. My family deserves better than “Zombie Becky.” I deserve better than this version of me.

That 90+ minute commute that I’ve complained about, though, happened for me, not to me.  Each hour that I spent in my car listening to podcasts and audiobooks inspired me to take action by changing my beliefs.

Maybe I don’t have to settle. Maybe I can have a career of my dreams. Maybe my life can be filled with more joy.

Leaping is only the first step.

Becky Elliott

After dropping out of a liberal arts college that focused on reading and discussing the “Great Books”, Becky Elliott found her way to a career in IT. For 20+ years, she has held a number of roles in Dev and Ops, and the area in between the two. In working for organizations in which poor security practices can cost lives, she’s an ardent believer in integrating security through the entire design process. Becky holds a number of industry certifications including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

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