Sabbatical Month 0: Where Joy Awaits

Anyone else quit their job right before VMworld and then self-fund most of the trip from savings? Probably only me, right?

I also ignored the advice where you were supposed to have a new job before leaving your old one. I know It all sounds crazy. I wish that I could say that all of this is such a Becky-thing to do, but it’s not.

So, why am I stepping away from a six-figure salary?

  • Continuing down the wrong path feels like a bigger risk than a period of unemployment.
  • Writing and community bring me joy and I need more space for activities like this. Thankfully, my husband @douglas_testerman supports me in this decision.
  • Energy-wise, my job and commute were unsustainable. My family deserves better than “Zombie Becky.” I deserve better than this version of me.

That 90+ minute commute that I’ve complained about, though, happened for me, not to me.  Each hour that I spent in my car listening to podcasts and audiobooks inspired me to take action by changing my beliefs.

Maybe I don’t have to settle. Maybe I can have a career of my dreams. Maybe my life can be filled with more joy.

Leaping is only the first step.