Blogging So Hard at #GHC19

Getting to GHC

The best things in life never come easy. The process for getting a ticket to GHC could fall into that category. I submitted a session: rejected. I tried to buy a General Registration ticket: sold out.

Once I resigned myself to not attending, I was gifted a ticket for which I’m incredibly grateful. To attend, though, more things had to align. I need to be able to have time off, lodging, and airfare needed to be affordable, and my husband had to okay doing double duty for a week. For all of these things to converge kind of feels like a miracle.

AnitaBees Volunteer Blogger

Fortunately, my turnaround GHC good luck continued. At MJ Schmitt’s recommendation, I applied to be a Volunteer Blogger for GHC. Application accepted. Yay!

Part of the requirement for being a volunteer blogger is that you both publish at least 3 blog posts within 2 hours of the session ending. For someone who struggles with multiple re-writes and edits over days or weeks, publishing quickly in draft form is kind of terrifying. But it’s good terrifying that can fuel growth.

“Done is better than perfect,” right?

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