GHC19 Notes: CR229 – Exerting Influence without Authority

Leadership vs. Authority

Authority — Police officer who tells what to do.
Leaders — Minister. Inspires others.

Action plan to build influence

  1. Establish expertise and Influence. Invite thought leaders to discuss pros and cons.
    It’s not who you know, but who knows WHAT you know.
  2. Accountability. Give and receive feedback. Make sure you have a reputation for getting sh*t done.
  3. Build-A-Network. Talk to one person this week. At the end of the year, you will have made 52 new connections. Worst case networking will become a habit like exercise. Also, if you are after feedback, it may be more productive to ask for “advice.”
  4. Build A Coaliton.
  5. Co-creation. Seek out stakeholders individually. Create a vision of the future. You don’t need to denigrate the old system that others may take as a personal affront.
  6. Big “Yes” Meeting.  Don’t rush to have the big meeting too early. While it may look more efficient, it’s setting you up for a big “NO.”   You want each of the stakeholders to see one another saying “yes.”

Steve Jobs’ Idea Disease.  Don’t think that the idea is 90% of the work. It’s not.

PS — Want more?  Here are more detailed notes from Raquel Piqueras:


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