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INSIGHT 2019: Top Session Picks

One place in which I feel incredible certainty is in my NetApp INSIGHT session selection. You probably will notice a NetApp A-Team slant. It’s totally intentional because I love cheering on my A-Team friends. It helps that they also have great sessions this year!

  1. 1222-3 Automate ONTAP Storage Management Using RESTful APIs—Simple, Modern, Powerful. Can we finally #AutomateAllThings ONTAP?  I’m always up for automation-themed content.
    Speakers: Vishwas V, Yuvaraju Balaraman
  2. 1284-2 Easier Data Protection with a New vSphere Plugin. NetApp vSphere Plugins and I have a history.  I anxiously waited for the latest Virtual Storage Console to support vCenter 6.7. SnapCenter and I have an even more complicated relationship.  Looking forward to getting the latest scoop from Steven Cortez, NetApp A-Team Advisor.
    Speaker: Steven Cortez
  3. 3001-1 Are You Certifiable? Yes, I am certifiable in whatever sense you are using the word. Never having had the experience to help create exams for NetAppU, I’m excited to learn about the process. Also, this session includes NetApp A-Teamers that I would attend any session to support. You go, Paula Silva!
    Speakers: Meghan Steele, Brandi Einhorn, Steve Botkin, Paula Silva, Damien Berenzenko, Scott Gelb
  4. 3002-1 Data Is Crucial, so Build the Strategy and Platform it Deserves.  Data, Data, Data! Paul Stringfellow, content creator triple threat, focuses a lot of his content creation on this topic. Looking forward to seeing him moderate this panel with other A-Teamers
    Speakers: Paul Stringfellow, Ryan Beatty, Michael Cade, Jason Benedicic
  5. 3006-1 Be a Multi-Cloud Hero! Embrace Your Role in Managing Cybersecurity, Data Integrity, and Privacy on Your Digital Transformation. Having spent most of my career as a contractor in the public sector in areas where security REALLY matters, I look forward to this BOF session that includes public sector NetApp customers.
    Speakers: Kirk Kern, Kim Weller, Matti Neustadt Storie, Melonie Parker, Jeff Boerio
  6. 9006-2 Veeam: Veeam is getting NASty – Unleashing NAS backup, v10, and more. Adam and Cade. How could a session with such a clever title not also have smart and interesting content?  Also, I love Veeam’s commitment to the #vCommunity as much as I love fellow A-Teamers presenters.
    Speakers: Adam Bergh, Michael Cade
  7. NetApp WIT Breakfast. If there is one thing that you can count on at a NetApp WIT at INSIGHT is inspirational content. Also, please don’t feel like this is event is exclusively woman exclusive event. It’s not.

Now that I’ve shared all of my must-attend sessions for INSIGHT, what are yours?  Hit me up at @beckylelliott on Twitter. I’d love to hear your picks.

PS — Still in the market for more sessions, here’s another one in which I will be on the panel.  You can also read this blog post about it.