Travel Diary: Anaheim

After attending the Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage at the Nth Symposium, I ended up with two days in the Anaheim area with no car, but I desire to explore.

Orange | Santa Ana | Laguna Beach

Orange, CA

There’s not a lot to do in this part of Orange, CA. Prior to leaving Maryland, I booked a reservation at the Awaken Float Lounge. In the same shopping center, there was also a deli for lunch and a park beside the shopping center. A picnic table became a #writingspot and a place to watch some pretty chill ass geese.

While I would have loved to get coffee from the Starbucks across the street, it wasn’t worth the risk of crossing the road. There wasn’t a lot for someone to see or do on foot. The Awaken Float Lounge, though, left me feeling pretty zen and was totally worth the trip.

Lyft: From Hotel $15
Revisit Likelihood: Yes
Places Visited: Awaken Float Lounge, OC Wine Mart and Deli; Eisenhower Park and Lake

Santa Ana

From Orange to Santa Ana. In a quest for a walkable town, I picked Santa Ana off a map.  I walked down 4th street with its many jewelry stores. The area kind of seemed like it was in a gentrification transition.  Eventually, I ended up at a coffee shop that had just closed.  A local (also wanting coffee) recommended the Gypsy Den to me in Artist’s Village. Artist’s Village had a few shops and restaurants.  The Den Cafe was a visually interesting #writingspot with good food and great ambiance. It was strangely empty. If I lived in Santa Ana, I would be here all of the time.

Lyft: From Orange: $18; Back to Hotel: $11
Revisit Likelihood: Yes, but only for the Den Cafe.
Places Visited: Grand Central Art Center; Den Cafe

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, the highlight of my Anaheim detours,  is stunning and walkable. While cute shops line Coast Highway, its main street area is Forest Avenue. I spent most of my time walking Coast Highway and its cornucopia of art galleries.

Lyft: From hotel to Laguna $37; Laguna to hotel: $38
Revisit Likelihood: Yes
Places Visited: Laguna Books, The Grill

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