HopperX1NYC Notes: Raise Your Hand with Kim Kaupe

Session Details

“The hardest person to convince that you deserve something is you.”   Wow, these profound words are a powerful way to start a session.  Who hasn’t struggled (or is struggling) with self-worth?!

As women, society encourages us to be modest and downplay our successes.  It ends up becoming part of our internal narrative, and anything that feels like self-promotion ends up feeling really icky.  However, we live in a world where visibility matters.

Practical tips for improving visibility

  • Brag about “you” as you would about your best friends.
  • Talk facts, not adjectives.
  • Be specific with names and numbers. See the below image for an example of this.

Other worthwhile advice

  • Think you don’t have anything to promote?  No worries, we all start small.  There is tremendous power in incremental improvement.
  • Getting awards and accolades has a cumulative effect.  With it comes increased credibility. It may be worth it for you to “dig for lists of awards and to put yourself out there.”
  • Putting yourself out there increases the odds of success.  “The best way to hit a home run is to step up to the plate more often.”