HopperX1NYC Notes: Raise Your Hand with Kim Kaupe

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“The hardest person to convince that you deserve something is you.”   Wow, these profound words are a powerful way to start a session.  Who hasn’t struggled (or is struggling) with self-worth?!

As women, society encourages us to be modest and downplay our successes.  It ends up becoming part of our internal narrative, and anything that feels like self-promotion ends up feeling really icky.  However, we live in a world where visibility matters.

Practical tips for improving visibility

  • Brag about “you” as you would about your best friends.
  • Talk facts, not adjectives.
  • Be specific with names and numbers. See the below image for an example of this.

Other worthwhile advice

  • Think you don’t have anything to promote?  No worries, we all start small.  There is tremendous power in incremental improvement.
  • Getting awards and accolades has a cumulative effect.  With it comes increased credibility. It may be worth it for you to “dig for lists of awards and to put yourself out there.”
  • Putting yourself out there increases the odds of success.  “The best way to hit a home run is to step up to the plate more often.”

Becky Elliott

After dropping out of a liberal arts college that focused on reading and discussing the “Great Books”, Becky Elliott found her way to a career in IT. For 20+ years, she has held a number of roles in Dev and Ops, and the area in between the two. In working for organizations in which poor security practices can cost lives, she’s an ardent believer in integrating security through the entire design process. Becky holds a number of industry certifications including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

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