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Got Newsletter?

A six-figure salary from a blog about succulents?! How is that even possible?! Wait, why CAN’T I make money from blogging?

Re-thinking What’s Possible

Thank you, Do It Scared® with Ruth Soukup for changing what I believed was possible with blogging. Ruth does these “Get Ruth-ed” episodes where she will “live” coach an Elite Blogging Academy student and delve into factors that may be holding them back from running a profitable blog. She offers direct and actionable feedback on things like revenue, subscribers, content frequency, and traffic.

If you spoke to me during my latest conference run, I might have told you that I want to make money doing something that I love enough to do for free. You might have secretly rolled your eyes at this idea.  I absolutely love blogging and it could that thing for me.

Seeking Subscribers and Offering Value

Here’s the thing. A big part of monetizing a blog starts with having an ample subscriber list. My list of 10 subscribers isn’t going to cut it. While I’m grateful for each subscriber, I haven’t offered anything of value other than posts that you can also find on my blog.

I can do so much better than that. And, this is why I’m creating a bi-weekly newsletter centered on one of my favorite topics: personal growth and living your best life.

In this newsletter, I’m super down with O.P.P. Other People’s Posts (or Podcasts) and share content that inspires me to make the most of this one life. I’ll also share context on why I’m sharing this content. In addition, you’ll find some of my fave blog posts that chronicle life lessons and adventures on this quest. My hope is that some of this content vibes with you and maybe inspires you on your best life path.

Sounds great, right?  Subscribe!  The first newsletter is scheduled for Friday, November 22nd.