On the Road Again: #SFD19 Bound

In the last four months of 2019, I traveled so much that I had to make a promise to keep the peace at home. After HopperX1NYC in November, I wouldn’t travel again until January 2020. When I made that promise, I had my fingers crossed that an invite to Storage Field Day 19 would come my way. And thankfully, the universe (and Stephen Foskett) came through.

Somethings never get old, and receiving an invite to Tech Field Day is one of them. This Field Day felt special because I didn’t need to beg a boss to attend. I’m also thrilled to see fellow NetApp A-Team’er Ruairi McBride (@mcbride_ruairi) attend his first full Field Day event.  Vuong Pham @Digital_KungFu gets the first-time delegate (at a full event) experience, too. The full Tech Field Day events are more intense with more concentrated goodness. Regardless, being a delegate is a fantastic experience, and I encourage you to apply if you’d love the experience, too.

The following are the first-time Tech Field Day presenters that I can’t wait to get to know:

  • Infrascale, []( Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup.
  • MinIO, [](  High-performance object storage designed for private cloud.
  • Tiger Technology, []( High-performance, secure, data management solutions.

And, here are the repeat presenters. Companies that I can’t wait to see the continuation of their stories.

  • Dell EMC, [](
  • NetApp, [](
  • WekaIO, [](
  • Western Digital, @WesternDigiDC, [](
  • Komprise, [](  Analytics-driven data management.

If you think that SFD19 sounds pretty epic (it will be), you can join in on the fun too.  Tune in on Wednesday, January 22 – Friday, January 24th, for live-streaming on both the Tech Field Day and Facebook pages.  Also, follow the #SFD19 conversation on the Twitters.

Disclaimer: As Storage Field Day 19 delegate, GestaltIT paid for my hotel, airfare, and meals. With this invitation cames no obligation to blog about or endorse any the presenting vendors or GestaltIT. Any content written or opinions expressed are solely mine.