SFD19: No Komprise on Knowing Thy Data

One of my favorite presenters at #SFD19 was Komprise, an analytics-driven data management platform designed for getting insights on unstructured data. Think analysis of TB and PBs of file-based data (NFS, SMB) for customers across many verticals, including Financial, Health, Entertainment, and Government. Storage Field Day 19 wasn’t my first introduction to Komprise. Because of Komprise’s storage-agnostic nature and integration into file-based protocols, it’s a natural add-on to storage vendors like NetApp. In fact, the NetApp A-Team has been briefed multiple times by Komprise.

Real IT Personas*

Defeated Storage Admin Sally
The request from developers for more file-storage never stops. Storage sprawl abounds, and no one in the organization actually knows where all of the spacing is going. When Sally suggests cleaning up the DFS shares, she gets serious resistance. To further complicate things, their 100+ TB filers are almost filled to capacity and out-of-support. The cost to procure 200 TBs of storage is steep. If only Sally’s organization could reduce the amount of storage needed and keep only the files that they need.

I have been a defeated Sally. Maybe, you have too. Komprise’s solution could be a game-changer when it comes to gaining insights on your data and taking action. Maybe you want to offline all of the files that haven’t been touched in years. Komprise opined that 76% of data falls into this category. Perhaps sending infrequently accessed data to the AWS S3 storage and only keep a stub file on-premises is your goal. Komprise can make those things happen.

Other Use Cases

  1. Getting visibility in AWS S3 storage and calculate cloud cost-savings of recommendations like moving infrequently accessed files to s3 glacier.
  2. Migrate File Shares between on-premises storage arrays. For things like this, Komprise has short-term project-based licensing.

Komprise’s architectural pillars

  1. Dynamic data analytics. Analyze data in place. Deep analytics. Create a virtual metadata lake.
  2. Transparent Move. Move data without affecting users or apps.
  3. Direct Data access. You control your data, not your vendor. Archived data and data accessed in its native format.

Want More Information

*- One of the delegates joked that he had never seen anyone in IT that looked as happy as one of models used in one vendor’s IT Persona slides. From this joke, I’d like to take a stab at introducing Real IT Personas with real-life narratives.


Disclaimer: As Storage Field Day 19 delegate, GestaltIT paid for my hotel, airfare, and meals. With this invitation cames no obligation to blog about or endorse any the presenting vendors or GestaltIT. Any content written or opinions expressed are solely mine.