Breaking Becky

Okay, I’m not broken. I did break an unwritten rule that warns us not to leave our current job before we secure a new one, though.

Bold moves aren’t my usual MO. However, I wasn’t on the right path. I’ve taken time and space to figure out where to go next.  I resigned with ample notice and left on good terms in a job for which I could have easily stayed.

Having the ability to take a couple of months off to decide what’s next is a privilege for which I’m incredibly grateful. Because I’m not looking to squander this time, I’m spending it, reading, writing, attending tech events, and on tasks for growing personally and professionally.

Job Search Details

So, yes, I’m looking for my next opportunity. Here is the relevant information for which you may be interested:

However, I hope that you keep reading to learn about me and whether I’m could be a good fit for your project, organization, or a future collaboration.

Where Would I Be a Good Fit?

TL/DR: Problem-solving, writing, and learning new things are my jam.  
DevOps, SRE, Tech Writing, or Marketing: I could be a good fit 
in roles like these.

For about two decades, I’ve labored in IT. Except that this work has never felt like labor when I focus on what I love most: Solving problems; sharing information, and empowering others.

Some people run from a clusterf*ck. However, I run towards that which is broken. I jump in, assess the situation, and work towards resolving the problem with a tenacity that belies my laid-back demeanor. As an avid believer that things can always be better, I truly get joy from solving problems and fixing things.

If I get labeled a single-point-of-failure on my quest for improvement, I will work tirelessly to shake off that label. At my core, I’m for the team and the mission. Helping others grow and see their potential is a noble calling. Playing politics is not.

Solving problems isn’t my only passion. I love writing. In addition to publishing regularly on my personal blog, I’ve published posts on SolarWinds Orange Matter and NetApp Blog. Here are my two favorite blog posts:  #1 and #2.

I do my best when I am challenged to learn new things. I have broad knowledge across multiple IT domains. I’ve spent the first half of my career creating websites and the latter half keeping IT infrastructure running. This allows me to bring a unique perspective.

Because I’ve had the privilege to work for security-focused organizations, I’m also well-versed in Information Security principles and best practices. In addition, I possess a security clearance and hold a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

While I’m not married to the idea of landing in a specific role or organization, I want to work somewhere in which I can add value and grow. Based on my strengths and experiences, DevOps or SRE positions are appealing. Marketing and tech writing sound kind of fun, too.

My StrengthsFinder Results

At Andrew Miller’s recommendation in this blog post, I took the Gallups StrengthsFinder assessment. The basis of these results brought some clarity into what I’m seeking in my next role.

Why would I put so much faith into these results? For the reason that anyone believes in an assessment, the results are spot-on. When I think back to when I’ve been happiest and most fulfilled in my career, it was in an environment that StrengthsFinder pegged as a good fit.

Here are my results:

1. Learner; 2. Restorative; 3. Individualization; 4. Empathy; 5. Developer

What’s Next?

If you are interested in taking your own sabbatical or career break, here are some resources that I’ve found helpful (as well as some of my posts).

Want to discuss opportunities, offer advice, or ask questions about taking your own career break? Please reach out. I’d love to talk.