Do you ever feel completely off-balance? Kinda like a washing machine with that not-quite regular thumping of back and forth and side-to-side motion? It’s painfully inefficient, but your clothes still get washed.  However, this state isn’t good for the longevity of your washing machine.

Also, that off-balance washing machine has an easy fix. Pause the cycle and shift the contents around inside. My sabbatical is me pausing and shifting my life around to create a  balanced sense of being.

So, let me tell you what my break is not. A vacation or chill-time. While I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate to be able to take this sabbatical, I have sh*t to get done. I also need to manifest that next job.

Apart from creating a life with more joy, here are some more measurable goals:

  • Publish 10 posts/month. 5x my usual content.
  • Read 4 books/month.
  • Remove 25 bags of clutter from my house.
  • Start 30+ days with the Miracle Morning‘s Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing routine.

In the upcoming months, some of my blog posts will update you on the progress that I’m making (or not). You can also check out this accountability matrix that I’ve created to keep me honest.  Stay tuned!